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Nisha JamVwal

Living Room

Living Room

Tulip, NJ, Mandira IN Nisha JamVwal The Extravaganza

Tulip Joshi , Nisha JamVwal

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Nisha JamVwalEdit

Nisha JamVwal is a multi-talented Celebrity Columnist, author, art connoisseur and an award winning Luxury Brand Consultant. Nisha is also a well known Interior Architect / Designer. She is quintessetially a renaissance woman who has worked extensively in the worlds of Luxury, media and the arts, and whose design sesiblity and attraction to the Arts have catapulted her into fame, making her a brand to reckon with in the world of Luxury, Design and the Contemporary Arts. She is a columnist and a writer and enjoys her career which involves multitasking different roles adroitly.

Nisha JamVwal's works with Luxury Brands worldwide through subliminal branding, synergies
and endorsements, while writing remains her first love.
As an Interior Architect she is known for her contemporary and minimalist interiors -Small spaces, apartments and large.good
Nisha On Her Chat Show With Chunky Pandey

Nisha On her Chat Show 'Home Shanti Home'

Nisha Walks Showstopper

Nisha JamVwal Walks The Showstopper At A Fashion Show

JA 6

Nisha JamVwal With Jeffery Archer

Among them are Jaipore Airport lounge and Restaurant;
Interior of the Warship INS DELHI; the homes of Lisa Ray, Zeenat Aman; actors and Bollywood 
stars et al. Her work has been profiled in Interior Magazines as well as been featured on the
covers of international design magazines.

Nisha diversified her brand 'Nisha JamVwal' into fashion broadening the bandwidth of the brand some years ago.

Multitasking and breaking barriers of the traditional and narrow in terms of career decisions, Nisha has been a prolific Writer/Columnist/Author/Television Anchor/ Celebrity Model & Contemporary Indian Art Curator/Collector & Writer

Eat your heart out Maria!

Today NISHA JAMWAL is an interior architect, does soft makeovers for homes, is a fashion designer for "people that work hard, play hard and make the most of life!! "

The Nisha Jamwal story has been recently chronicled by Jeffrey Archer in his book 'And Thereby Hangs A Tale'

The Indian love story in Jeffrey Archer’s book where a Delhi couple fall in love while waiting for a traffic light to turn green in the capital , figures as the lead story of a new book by celebrated British writer Jeffrey Archer . The story in question is about Nisha who falls in love while waiting at a traffic signal. This is her true story in the enthralling short stories named And Thereby Hangs A Tale'[1]'.


Nisha JamVwal Is Jeffrey Archer's Prodigal Daughter Nisha Jamwal talks about how one of Jeffrey Archer's short stories in the recently released compilation “And There by Hangs a Tale” is inspired by a slice of her lifeEdit

Delhi couple's love story in new Jeffrey Archer book

'Nisha Jamvwal is a foodie and is launching her own health food brand, s'he is keen on presenting the world with a healthy snacking option.

Nisha JamVwal in an exclusive conversation with on design, food and lifestyle.Edit

ifoodee’s first Web Show, Meal a la Celebrite – Episode One : Lunch with Nisha JamVwal



fashion designer, Nisha Jamwal 's couture and prêt label became a well known brand on the national Indian fashion scenario and overseas and she began to be invited to forecast design trends and comment on the fashion and style scenario by fashion publications.


Nisha distinguished herself on the fashion scene for naming her collections innovatively . Her better known collections have been entitled 'Sex With My Ex'; 'India Pheonix'; 'Prowl' ; 'I'm In Love Again' and 'I Believe I Can Fly' .

'Sex with my ex' is a metaphor of a woman upward of twenty, having a love affair with her teens. Nisha worked to create pret and couture that recaptures the euphoria, excitement and sex appeal of teen age years gave, and this gave the collection its name. A look where the woman would not "succumb to the frump of prosaic black pants and kurti's! "

'I'm in love again' captures the essence of a woman in love, her anticipation and sensuality ;

'I Believe I Can Fly' unveils a collection free from rules and regulations of drafting, is non conformist and with free flowing sheer silhouttes giving the feeling of aninimitable lightness of being. NISHA JAMWAL

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  • Nisha designs homes , airports, offices and restaurants. Nisha is known for remodeling & revamping interiors, without major breaking & restructuring but  doing a soft revamp make-over where an entire new look is created in a matter of days without stress to the client, like a grooming job upon a woman, a recolor, re-dress of the home/ office/ restaurant!! She specializes in quick make overs of homes that entail short quick re-vamps that eschews breaking and major re-modelling. This 'image makeover ' is her forte for homes, and she is concentrating on it extensively in this age where people are not keen, or do not have the time and often finance to do complete remodeling.

  • Minimalism with an edge of occasional whimsy is her signature style. To re-invent a space is her firms forte. As an award winning Interior Architect, Designer she is famed for dramatic work- minimalist and functional, apartments small and large, Jaipore Airport lounge and Restaurant , the homes of Lisa Ray, Zeenat Aman et al. Her work has been profiled and featured in international design magazines, some having run cover stories about her work.

  • Nisha interiors , airports, offices and restaurants and is well known for remodeling & revamping interiors, without major breaking & restructuring but  doing soft revamps & make-overs where an entire new look is created in a matter of days without stress to the client, like a grooming job An 'image makeover ' is her forte for homes, and she is concentrating on it extensively in this age where people are not keen, or do not have the time and often finance to do complete remodeling. Minimalism with an edge of occasional whimsy is her signature style. To re-invent a space is her firms forte.

View Nisha Jamwal's home interiors

Nisha qualified in a Bachelor of Associated Arts in California with a degree in Interior Architecture and Space Planning - California .

She won Best Student Award for All the Three years; Best Drafting; Best 3-D Conceptualization; 1st place for excellence in Drafting, Rendering and Model Construction.

She was awarded Student of the Year -'Outstanding Academic and All round Achievement' of the entire Program, maintained a Perfect 4.0 Average; Scholarship for exemplary 4.0 average and all round performance through entire program.

She studied Art Criticism and Art History and then worked in America, Paris, Australia and Japan and worked on select Design projects - including Beach houses; hospitality and restaurants and homes.

Nisha also graduated in a Bachelors of English Literature with a First Class.

Nisha's life and work have been featured in magazines, papers, and television chanels.


Article - ‘Why should art be just for a niche audience?’

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Celebrities from the world of cinema and television, page three women and movie stars model for and sport the Nisha Jamvwal Label

'Sex With My Ex'

'India Phoenix' Edit

'Prowl' Edit

'Page Three Woman of Substance' Edit

'Pure Jeanius' & ‘Gladiator’ Edit

'Loving in the Sunshine' Edit

'Kissing Underwater' Edit

'I'm In Love Again' Edit

DSC 0617 copy
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Nisha is a brand consultant to international brands making an entry in the country and has endorsed brands. She has been associated with CARLSBERG; DIAGO (BAILEYS IRISH CREAM); SWAROVSKI; PERCEPT; LANCOME; GODREJ NATURE'S BASKET
Nisha Comperes Khushi

Nisha Comperes Khushi Auction

Nisha also serves on the advisory board of VLCC, the beauty and slimming company

L'official Special Cause to NJ
1 Food & Good Living

Nisha JamVwal Columnist gives 10 Golden Rules about Design


Nisha has authored the book ‘Iconic & Narrative Symphonies In Stone’ where she presents a story of the craft of gemstone carving.

An evocative history of it's development, an evolution to the heights of excellence that have made stone sculpture one of the more glorious arts over centuries, culminating in the present moment.

She wrote 'PARAMPARIK KARIGAR‘ a book that takes you through a journey of all Indian crafts and endeavors to educate and inculcate the reader to save Indian Craft from extinction.
Nisha Is On the Advisory Board of the BBC interiors magazine-BBC Good Homes where she writes the celebrity column.

She is the celebrity lifestyle columnist for Grazzia.

She has been a Fashion Editor for Salaam Mumbai
Guest Editor ,Celebrity Issue, Perfect 10.
Columnist for Femina,

Columnist 'Brunch' Hindustan Times;

Art Columnist Indian Express

Interior Design Columnist 'Mid Day'

Lifestyle Columnist 'Femina Interiors'

Columnsit 'Marwaar'

Columnist 'Liquid'

Writen and contributed to ''Indian Design & Interiors', 'Inside Outside', 'East' (Singapore), 'TheTimes of India', The Indian Express' ,

'Sunday Mid Day' Newspaper, 'Deccan Chronicle' ,'Asian Age', 'DNA After Hours', 'DNA 360 Degrees',

( )


IMG 5411
Chatting With Shekhar Suman

Nisha has hosted 'Home Shanti Home' 36 episodes on Star One visiting celebrity homes , actors , politicians ,artists chatting with them about their life & lifestyles

TVshow 'MeriSaheli' highlighting spaces of a home with DIY TIPS; refurbishment within a modest budget

Red Hot Countdown’ for Zoom.

Appeared in Madhur Bhandarkar's ‘Page 3’ & ‘Fashion’ as herself in a cameo entry

Nisha has been a guest speaker at women's organizations FLO ; INDUS; HINDUSTAN LEVER WOMANS ASSOCIATION; and ROTRARY BOMBAY as well as service oraganizations.

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1 Nisha JamVwal At Act Now Demonstration at Mantralaya

ACT NOW: Action Counter Terrorism


Nisha supports several charities that work to save our traditional crafts from becoming extinct.
She first worked with slum children at the age of fifteen with the LTS organization and won an award for social work . She worked with to raise money for street children and old people as a teenager.

She worked with Kiran Bedi & Anil Bal on their project 'Just Say No To Drugs'

She has been a patriot and is inspired by the work of Mother Teresa with whom she spent time working for the orphans at Jangpura Ashram in Delhi in 1992.

She has worked at saving craft in India from extinction with NGO Paramparik Kaarigar

More recently Khushii the NGO in Bombay on their project 'India On Canvas' , she spearheaded the Bombay Chapter of NGO Khushi.

Khushii made a mark when she invited celebrities like VIjay Mallaya, Parmeshwar Godrej and Milind Deora to paint along with famous artists. The paintings were then auctioned for charity



( )

She is the Brand Ambassador ‘Ma Passion’ For Saving Crafts of India


Lihting The Lamp

Nisha Jamvwal also worked in Madhur Bhandarkars films Page 3 and
Fashion where she has played herself and is a known name in the society circles in India



Nisha JamVwal was the first woman to be elected to the post of Social Councellor , Delhi University, by a wide margin of Votes.

Picture 420
Dancing in Jodhpur

Nisha has a varied taste of interests; a few amongst them include Contemporary Indian (and world) Art; English Literature & Ancient world History & civilizations

Adventure & Travel -Wildlife, Nature & Gameparks ( South Africa), sea and mountain

Single Malts & Wine,

Gardening, Swimming & Weights,

Movies , Films & Opera

Indian Craft and Making it Sassy & Desirable and putting it on the pedestal of Contemporary Indian Art!

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